Oboe d’Amore Soliste semi-automatic

System(s)Semi automatic
Keywork finishingSilver and Rhodium plated
Leather pads on the low notes
Easier adjustments and esthetic improved
SpecificationsF left key
F fork resonance
A resonance
E resonance
3rd octave key
Philadelphia system
Fossati’s innovations 

Double tenon ring

New “Aera” tenon cap

One trill key system

Left hand reversed adjustment

2nd octave stop

Rhodium plated

Trill keysAll trills
CaseProfessional case with case cover



Supplied with case, artwork and accessories.

Manufacturer’s warranty: 1 year.

 Offer: with the purchase of this instrument we offer a box for Oboesales vanes or 70 Oboesales canes.