Howarth Junior Oboe
Howarth have designed a specialised range of Junior instruments to help children make the best start when learning to play by tailoring instruments to meet the requirements of a young learner.
The Junior oboe has a reduced keywork system to make the instrument simpler and lighter. It features only the keys used in the first stages of learning to reduce complexity. This also makes the oboe easier to maintain as keywork that is vulnerable to damage, such as the low B and Bb mechanisms, has been removed.
The instrument has a chromatic range of over two and a half octaves from low C and is played using standard fingerings and reeds for easy progression to more advanced models. All the finger holes are covered, with extensions on four finger plates to reduce the stretch for small hands.
The Junior oboe is supplied in a colourful backpack case with accessories including cleaning materials, cork grease and a reedcase.
Uses standard fingerings, allowing easy progression to more advanced models
Special lightweight key mechanism
Uses standard oboe reeds
Covered holes
Extensions on 4 finger plates for greater comfort
Fully chromatic range of 2½ octaves from low C
Simplified conservatory system
Body made from seasoned Grenadilla (Dalbergia melanoxylon)
Silver-plated keys