English horn RIEC

Specially intended for Conservatories and Wind Bands, the Cor Anglais RIEC is made only of African Grenadilla wood with simplified keywork.

This study instrument has made it possible for numerous students and amateur musicians to get started on the cor anglais and to improve all for a very reasonable price.

Main features :

  • Specially-designed plateau system
  • Grenadilla wood body
  • Keywork in nickel silver with heavy silver plating
  • Left F key
  • C to D# drill key
  • Left Eb key
  • F resonance key
  • F# to G# connecting mechanism
  • First octave key
  • D and C# trill keys
  • Second octave key closes the first octave key (semi-automatic system)
  • Right and leIt G# keys
  • Also available in automatic system model


Manufacturer’s warranty: 1 year.

The price includes the instrument with light Kit BAM, maintenance 1 year offer.


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