English Horn Lorée


Full Conservatory plateau system

Grenadilla wood – Silver plated keys
With two silver plated bocals


• All trill keys
• 3rd octave key
• Left hand F key
• Low B resonance key


Ref. i+3


Options :
• Gold plated keys
• Violet wood
• Synthetic material (top joint only)
• Extension to the LOW B flat (fingering)



The English Horn (pitched in F), provided with a slightly bent bocal and a pear-shaped bell, has a grave and round tone which gives a harmonic color to the orchestra.
Its expressive and melancholic timbre inspired romantic composers such as Berlioz, Dvorak and Wagner who wrote brilliant solos for English Horn within the orchestra.
The English Horn also inspired 20th century composers worldwide who wrote solo pieces for this instrument.




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